Project News Detail

Project No :186614
Project Title :Cycle Track Project In Uttar Pradesh
Company Name : Uttar Pradesh State Bridge Corporation Limited
Project Detail :The cycle track connects Sattelite junction to Isanyion ki Puliya, which the 596-metre long and 7.5-metre wide single-road flyover will also connect. As the cycle track has occupied a significant portion of the road, it is hindering the progress of the flyover construction, and thus, it will be razed

BAREILLY: The much-hyped bicycle track constructed during the Akhilesh regime in 2015 will be razed to pave way to the under-construction Satellite flyover here.According to Uttar Pradesh State Bridge Corporation (UPSBC) officials, the 850-metre long and 2.75-metre wide cycle track has not only been obstructing the free-flow of traffic, but it is also hindering the progress of flyover construction. The track will now be converted into a service lane in accordance with the project blueprint.” It’s a cheap political stunt to gain some political capital before the elections.”Refuting the charges, however, UPSBC’s Bareilly deputy project manager BK Sen told TOI: “The construction of flyover needs the entire road, including the cycle track, which is constructed along one side of the road

Project Location : Bauru - Not Classified - Brazil
Project Industry :Two and Three Vehicles
Project Estimation :Refer Document
Status :Announced